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In 2010 my life changed. Graphic design was my new outlet, my way of escapism, it kept me off the streets and saved my life.


To deliver a message through the brands ideas, values, concepts and art design.

Everyday we aim to communicate as a brand with one voice, which is able to speak to people of all backgrounds. We engage with people who engage with us and seek out people who are doing inspiring things.


Onelabel® are paving the way for the accidental trendsetters and those of us who care about the environment by supporting local businesses and producing with minimal waste.

We trademarked in 2010 two years after the recession hit us in the U.K. I was 19 years old and used the money I got from my college maintenance allowance to purchase our trademark. My reasoning was if nobody's hiring I'm just gonna make my own job and today in 2017 I hire people.

Conceptualized in 2010 Onelabel was built on the back of a 19 year old college student from South-East London, looking for a way to display his creativity - he became a coincidental entrepreneur who grew a love for fashion. Onelabel is a brand that promotes inclusivity - one voice, one brand that speaks to the different cultures that exist. Not just a clothing brand, we engage those that engage us, seeking out the dreamers and those doing inspiring work that help us define Onelabel.

Our approach to the lifestyle and culture was through Beanie hats, designed for the accidental trendsetter.


Calm, Fluid, Expansive, Mindful. A lifestyle brand owned and creative directed by J. Peat


Our Vision:

To become a successful established brand. The larger vision is to be the apple computer of beanie hats designed and finished in London, made in the U.K.